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Floral Fabric

Give your home a botanical touch with Home Fabrics' new Grandiflora collection, which showcases a range of luxurious, oversized floras and exotic plant prints. With a variety of flowers, leaves, textures and stripes in an array of patterns and beautiful shades, the fabric collection is aptly titled. Think loosely illustrated giant flowers and panels of petals in workable colour combinations. Rich textures and interesting surfaces create dimension with an almost 3D effect, and the collection is undeniably plush, with rich chenille character. Grandiflora is available in five colour palettes: Marigold, Lotus, Beetle, Berry and Bluebell. The collection is certified 'green', while being incredibly easy to maintain and care for, and suitable to use as heavy luxurious drapes, bedcovers, accessories and upholstery. For more information or to find a stockist near you, visit or call 011-266-3700