Five Ways to Green up Your Interiors


 Using shades of green is a brilliant way to create a relaxing atmosphere. Plants, too, are known for their calming effects, while providing an easy way to update your interiors. With this inspiration in mind, we've collected a few fresh faves from our Pinterest board.

Lush Loft Living

Amsterdam's The Loft combines Scandi-style decor and striking monochrome portraits with an explosion of leafy greens. The pop-up shop beautifully transforms a bachelor pad-style space into a store that feels like a welcoming home – and it's largely thanks to its use of plants.

Draw on the Desert


When specialist homeware store Adairs opened in New Zealand, they celebrated with a collection of desert- and tribal-inspired motifs. Hand-painted graphic patterns and textured weaves complement dry-loving plants such as cacti and other succulents. The weather-worn pinks and mint-greens pull the look together to create a vibrant yet soft aesthetic.

The Language of Flowers

Pressed flowers are making a comeback. With slim frames surrounding wild blooms and foliage, they make for delicate and fresh abstract artworks. It's a minimalist, modern take on the Victorian predilection for florals.

Green Gallery Wall

Swedish interior designer Isabelle McAllister's own collection of plants features a large selection of lovely leafs in a range of variegated hues. Her indoor garden is a textural wonderland, enhanced by an eclectic collection of artworks.

Retro Pattern Play

A quirky 1970s-inspired interior uses Pop & Scott's burnt-orange velvet Dreamer couch alongside a couple of hand-painted graphic Modernist pots – with cacti and palm fronds lending some verdance to the retro palette.

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