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Farewell Static Seating


Sitting on a chair might feel a lot less dynamic than, say, playing tennis or running on a treadmill, and it is, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of movement going on while you perch on your bottom. As Claire Gibson, a representative from leading motion furniture manufacturer La-Z-Boy, explains, ‘Sitting entails motion, balance, position, posture and control. It involves both large motions, such as moving our arms and our legs, and small motions that allow us to maintain balance and change position slightly’. What that means for furniture design is that the sorts of rigid stools and armchairs we’ve been using for centuries just don’t cut it. In fact, as Claire explains, having an immobile base under your dynamic body can do damage to your spine, legs and neck. Motion2 It’s for this reason that motion seating is punted as being the future, and it’s a trend we might see manifesting more and more in homes and offices. While we’re secretly hoping that down the line, this’ll mean intelligent chairs that look like something out of The Jetsons, for now, the answer seems to be well-designed recliners (like the La-Z-Boy options) that allow sitters to continuously adjust their position. Of course, you need to invest in the right type and quality of recliner in order to reap the benefits. Claire suggests that you should look for the following when buying one:

full dynamic body support

A good recliner should support your entire body – from your head down to your feet – regardless of what position you’re in. It should also be highly flexible so that you can adjust the reclining tensions and customise the chair to match your unique body shape, height and weight.

activity support

You should be able to comfortably engage in a wide range of seated activities with full support from your recliner. In other words, your recliner should have your back regardless of whether you’re watching TV, reading a book, sending emails or playing Xbox. Motion3

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The ideal recliner will move with the user and facilitate natural movements and adjustments to ensure optimal comfort.

ease of use

It’s important that your recliner is easy to operate and that the adjustment levers and controls work fluidly and are simple to understand. You shouldn’t have to struggle with your chair in order to find positions that work for you. Motion4 To view some of the high-tech recliner options out there, visit