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fabri: award-winning and versatile design

Fabri's sleek and stylish designs have caught the eye of the European Product Design Awards, with the brand scooping up bronze in the 2018 awards for their ID Collection by lead designer Inês Sabino. With the ID Collection, which consists of two shapes with six functions, Fabri's biggest challenge was designing pieces that have as many functions as possible to fit into the modern home.

1. serve

The kitchen countertop is the perfect surface for serving drinks and snacks – its stylish, minimalist design will add class to any event.

2. hide

  Storage facilities are effortlessly integrated, creating a minimalist look while hiding what is stored on the inside. This arrangement  maximises the available space.

3. carry

The counters have built-in wheels and handles, which facilitate effortless mobility. The wheels are concealed underneath the units to ensure ease of movement without compromising the aesthetics of the collection. The mobility of the unit makes it a useful piece that can be used in any room of the house.

4. store

  With all that hidden storage space, there is an array of items you could keep in the unit.

5. decorate

The counter has been designed so it can work in several rooms of the house as either a statement piece or a functional addition to the home.

6. seat

The counter can be used as a tall chair or as a tea trolley. Both the chair and the tea trolley functions can be integrated into a standard kitchen counter, where it can easily be pulled out when required.