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nm design's evocative new furniture range

NM Design Melk Stoel Melk Stoel

Interior designer Nelia Malherbe of NM Design recently launched her impressive new furniture range, A Matter of Time, at Cape Town's 99 Loop gallery. Revisiting the classic elements of Cape Dutch-style furniture in a clean and contemporary manner, Nelia's creations have a real sense of heimwee – an Afrikaans word that's quite difficult to translate but loosely means feeling nostalgic for something that may not have existed in the first place.
NM Design Rottang Harmonie Rottang Harmonie

‘I feel drawn to simplicity. I believe in beautiful joinery and honest, quality craftsmanship that expresses a grounded belief in “timeless above trends”,’ says Nelia. The dreamy pieces have been exquisitely crafted from natural materials, such as wood and rattan, and are likely to become family heirlooms that will stand the test of time.
NM Design Versameling Van Laaie Versameling Van Laaie

Our favourites include the Neem U Sitplek bench, with its elegant curved ends; the Versameling Van Laaie chest of drawers, which features a clever and quirky extended top; and the Skraal Kas, a tall, slim cupboard with beautiful detailing. Prices start at R2 170 for the covetable Melk Stoel, making NM Design’s furniture remarkably well priced given that the pieces will last for decades and complement a variety of interior styles. For more information, visit NM Design.
NM Design Skraal Kas Skraal Kas

NM Design Neem U Sitplek Neem U Sitplek

NM Design Sister Bokkie Suster Bokkie

NM Design Die Boks Stoel Die Boks Stoel

NM Design Slim Bokkie Slim Bokkie

NM Design Dikbuikige Kas Dikbuikige Kas

NM Design Skoonheid Skoonheid

NM Design Stil Bankie Stil Bankie

NM Design Van Dienste Tafel Van Dienste Tafel