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Erotica in your Living Room

Would you willingly display your vibrator alongside your vinyls? Or perhaps set up your bondage ropes between your books? We’re assuming your likely response is, 'Not over my humiliated dead body'. Truth is, while many people may secretly consider their sex toys to be their best friends, they're still not likely to whip them out in public or make them the main topic of conversation at a dinner party. Enter Dutch design graduate Bastiaan Buijs. For his final year project at Netherlands-based academy Eindhoven, this daring creative sought to turn objets d’pleasure into objets d’art by crafting two erotic toys – a hand-blown glass dildo with a clock-like metal mechanism inside and a vibrating silicone vaulting horse with an, ahem, hole at one end – that are beautiful enough to warrant a proud place in a display cabinet or in a corner of your lounge. Both pieces are inherently sexual but also retain a strong artistic element so that they straddle the line between design and function. In fact, the aesthetic aspect of the toys was strong enough to get them featured at Dutch Design Week. And the point of this unusual initiative? 'My designs are on the edge of art and function, which means that a dialogue arises, this making sexual taboos discussable,' Buijs explains on his website. As Bastiaan told Wallpaper in a recent interview, 'In both my projects I tried to grasp something beautiful. To find a different way to think about sex and sex toys.' Essentially, he hopes to strip sexual objects and erotic talk of the stigma that currently surrounds them and make these topics something we can openly chat about – or even put on display in our homes. So, who knows? Maybe in the near future, we'll see more adult playthings gracing the shelves of prominent local design stores.   READ MORE: Sexy Stationary The New App Every Décor Enthusiast Needs Bath Time Treats