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Eco-friendly Heated Towel Rails

All the rage in the UK and Europe, the hydronic heated towel rails from Jeeves are both environmentally-friendly and über stylish. Using solar energy as opposed to an electrical heating element, these rails are well-suited to the sunny South African climate. We got the low-down… How do they work? Solar heating systems harness and convert energy from sun rays into usable electricity. This solar power is a sustainable energy source, whereas burning fossil fuels for energy is not. A simple circulation pump is used to circulate hot water from the geyser or solar storage tank to the heated towel rails, before re-entering the geyser or solar storage tank to be recirculated. Pros of using this eco-friendly alternative? Simple to operate and heat up almost immediately, it won’t be impacted by electricity black-outs, and you can link yours to a water-based underfloor heating system for a complete heating solution. Photo credit: Jeeves Classic C curved heated towel rail in polished stainless steel. Price ranges from R2,400 – R5,000 depending on the model selected.