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Don't Bite Into This

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How delicious are these ceramics? If you've ever wanted to pay homage to your favourite foods, how about immortalising them in glazed ceramic and popping them on the mantle? It's a good way to play with your food, or indulge your weaknesses without actually giving into them. Here are some incredible examples of playful, whimsical ceramic food art from around the world that's leaving us feeling like kids in a candy store:

1. Anna Barlow's Ice Cream

This UK-based ceramicist indulges all our exaggerated, childhood dreams with these dripping, melting, sticky ice cream cones. Icecream Images credit: Bloglovin  

2. Alice Stewardson's Macarons & Cookies

Another UK-based artist, Alice's work focuses on the role of advertising in food sales, exploring what it is exactly that makes the foods we buy so darn irresistible. By way of ceramics she wants to see if she can trick the eye with these ceramic delights and perhaps have people think twice about how their food is being sold to them. She certainly had us fooled with these little morsels... Cookies Macarons Images credit: Alicestewardsonceramics  

3. Jae Yong Kim's Glazed Donuts

  This New Yorker's donut installation of glazed (geddit?) donuts called 'Donut Rush' features some of the most playful, fun art we've seen! Crazy colours and shapes merge to create these tempting treats, but they come with a warning: Kim wants people to examine that conveniently neglected acknowledgement of how even happiness has a dark side. Donuts, and junk foods, are delicious, sure, and are the foods of choice for people in low income brackets, providing a balm for the hard times, but they're bad for you - both healthwise and financially. We'll take our chances...



Images credit: Hamptonsarthub

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