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David Krynauw

In 2008 David Krynauw was named the winner of the Eskom Energy Efficient Lighting Design Competition, thanks to his EELDC-winning lamp, Wooden Chandelier. HL chatted to him about his journey and what we can expect from environmentally friendly lighting design over the next few months. You’ve come pretty far since winning the award in 2008 – what have been the biggest changes in your life since then?  Since I won the competition, I’ve focused all my attention into developing a potentially successful product into a fully-fledged running design and manufacturing business. What’s been the highlight of your journey? I've had many… Each day has new challenges but also new victories.  I recently attended an exhibition (Design Days Dubai) with Southern Guild. It was an amazing feeling to see that my work is being praised and considered equal to those of top designers in the world. My Haywire chandelier is also on the April 2014 cover of the international Wallpaper* magazine. This was a lifetime goal. Tell us more about the trends and developments in environmentally friendly lighting design? The technology of lighting has improved tremendously over the last five years making it easier to incorporate and use energy efficient lighting in new designs. It seems as if there might be some focus on certain in vogue materials, such as a clever combination of high-touch elements, including wood, natural metals and mirrors. We can also see that technology is playing a massive role in design with the use of 5axis CNC and 3D printing. My feeling is that the more technology improves, the higher the value would become for pieces with a handmade, human touch. What are you inspired by when it comes to your own designs? I am more inspired by actual function rather than form. When thinking of a new design, I never work at it from an aesthetic point of view. I rather prefer using and rethinking a practical approach to solve a problem. I think it is when the two meet (art and function) that a truly timeless and significant design is born. What are you most excited about in the future when it comes to this industry? Africans and South Africans have been in the spotlight over the last two years and I think that the world is excited about what our unique continent has to offer. As long as we can back our work up with quality products, I think there is tremendous opportunity on the international front. The 2014 Eskom Energy Efficient Lighting Design Competition closes on 15 August 2014. Visit or e-mail to enter.