Dark Horse Couch

Made from hemp canvas and steel, with a webbed rear and leather trim detailing, Dark Horse’s three-seater charcoal grey couch manages to blend otherwise disparate materials to create a modern and edgy furniture piece. ‘We refer to it as the BOSS couch,’ says interior designer and co-owner of Dark Horse, Lise du Plessis. ‘It's that cheeky spirit in us. When designing it we wanted something that would really touch on the senses of sight and touch, but retain the sophistication we are striving for. Time will tell if we've found a balance between a modern and classic feel.’ Lise and architect Jarrad Nelson, who completes the Dark Horse duo, were selected as House and Leisure Rising Stars in the September issue. Watch the Dark Horse video below for more about this Cape Town-based design duo. The Dark Horse Couch retails at R11 350. For more information about Dark Horse and to order, visit