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Cosy up with these winter warmers from SHF

SHF Clockwise, from left: Saru Pendant light, Bandu Pendant light, Flores pendant light, Cast Yak skull, Le Mona sofa, Midas bowl, Larkin coffee table, Roderick rug in Mocha, Faux-fur Quail Mottle throw and Nguni Stockholm chair. If the thought of the upcoming gloomy months fills you with dread, turn to SHF, leaders in modern, artisanal furnishings. With a new generation of trend setters are determined to boldly reinvent the stark sterility of winter and reignite the romance of layered texture, SHF presents a moody collection inspired by the soft glow of firelight offset against dark, shadowy walls. Imagine breathing in the rich scent of leather as you snuggle up in front of a fireplace under mounds of throws and blankets seated on a couch or thick-pile rug. Let the professionals at SHF help you reignite the spark of creativity this winter with their new, exciting range that embraces statement finishes and gleaming details. For more products and information, visit