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Cool Down at Home

We touch base with LG to learn a more about the all new residential air-conditioning offering that will blow your socks off and cool you right down. LG is known for its excellent refrigerators, TVs and more. Now we see that you’re extending that offering to include a residential air conditioner. What made you decide now was the right time? As you may know, LG Electronics has always had air-conditioning as part of its product category offering, however the offering was for commercial air-conditioning only. With summer season upon us LG realised that this would be perfect time to enter the market with a residential air-conditioning offering, backed by a 10-year inverter compressor warranty. What are three of the most important aspects of the air con?

  1. LG’s 10-year inverter compressor warranty is an industry first. LG has taken the high ground with this offering.
  2. With a lot of focus being on energy saving, LG’s InverterV air-conditioners saves up to 60% of energy when compared to a non-inverter unit.
  3. LG's InverterV air conditioners only have a noise level of 19dB, ensures a comfortable experience.
With energy efficiency a major focus in today’s world, how does the Artcool fit in? The LG Artcool is not only one of the most aesthetically pleasing units, it also houses InverterV technology which means that when your room reaches the set temperature your compressor does not switch off like your non-inverter units, it just slows down, thereby saving as much as 60% energy. Airconditioners can sometimes be seen as unhealthy, but the Artcool has addressed this carefully. Could you explain how? The LG Artcool range boasts patented technology in the form of our Plamaster filter. The Plasmater Ionizer releases positive and negative ions into the air, sticking to the proteins and thus eliminating harmful substances and reduces odour caused by bacteria. What kind of service can we expect with a purchase of an Artcool aircon? The correct installation of an air-conditioning unit is key when purchasing and installing an air-conditioning unit. LG ensures that all installers are accredited and certified to carry out installations through the LG Aircon Academy. Over and above this our field team embarks on monthly trade visits to all dealers and retailers to ensure that they are fully capable in assisting the customer with the pleasant purchasing decision that is LG air conditioners.