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Commune.1 Dual Exhibition

Two simultaneous exhibitions at Commune.1 Gallery will focus on the relationship between nature and art. The group exhibit, Fissure, features a collection of artists who focus on the interpretation of the natural world through artistic means. Works like Greg Streak’s ballpoint pen drawings, Jason Larkin’s photographs, Dominique Edwards’ detailed drawings, Ledelle Moe’s concrete and steel structures, Katrine Claassens’ floral paintings and a Toru Nora play will be showcased. Artist Olivié Keck's works, which take a multidisciplinary approach by creating ink tapestries and prints that depict scenes such as flowing water and the full moon, will also form part of the exhibition. Each artist imparts a unique element into their works as they try to capture nature and represent it visually. The simultaneous solo exhibition, entitled Entangled, focuses on Angela Bridge’s paintings. Her work suggests elemental experiences such as being cradled by rock, being adrift in water, surrounded by growth or being dazed by colour. Her work is influenced by natural phenomena - Angela believes that nature represents the unknown and she tries to celebrate the potential therein through her pieces. The dual exhibition takes place from 17 October until 21 November 2013 at Commune.1 on 64 Wale Street, Cape Town. For more information, call 021-423-5600 or visit Text Astrid Sanders