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Colour Up your 2016


Plascon has announced which hues will invigorate the 2016 timescape, and we're loving the chosen mix. The various shades fall into four themes that all have their own palette, mood and energy: Element, Discovery, Connect and Heirloom. The first seeks to represent the landscape around us and includes an assortment of geologically inspired pastels and soft neutrals; the Discovery theme is all about the different hues that the sky  moves through and it includes both cool tones and bright colour pops; and the Connect scheme channels the chaotic exuberance of the Memphis movement (we predicted this look would be a 2016 trend too) and brings it to life with bold, bright colours, energetic patterns and geometric motifs. And then finally there's the Heirloom palette, which we have to admit is our favourite of the lot. This theme features hues that reflect historical paintings by the old masters. The aesthetic is rich, expressive, moody and intense, all at the same time, with a focus on sensual tones and the sort of careful balance between dark and light that characterises classic Renaissance works. Because words don't quite do the palette justice, we're including some of Plascon's Heirloom mood board images below. Wouldn't you just love a lounge or study in this scheme? Heirloom2 Heirloom4 Heirloomnew Heirloom5 See the other themes at