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CMYK exhibition

At Speke Photographic this month, situated within CIRCA gallery, is CMYK – a new showcase of photographic work by an eclectic group of artists. Unlike traditional exhibitions, CMYK has no particular theme or underlying concept other than a free license to be creative. Speke Photographic accepted public submissions for the exhibition, of which 57 artworks were selected by the gallery curators. The main purpose of the show is to provide a dynamic platform for both established and upcoming photographers to showcase their work to the greater public. The hope is that CMYK will expose the public to some of South Africa’s brightest new photographic talents, making the work easily accessible to new art supporters and collectors. All artwork on show are a maximum of 50 x 50cm when framed to allow artists equal creative footing. CMYK runs from 6-22 December, 2012, at CIRCA, 2 Jellicoe Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg. For more information visit