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Colours explode on the wall

The latest wallpaper collection by luxury French brand Casamance is a beautiful explosion of colours meant to celebrate all emotions. The collection features five statement wallpapers supported by Eternel, a selection of plain wallpapers in complementary colours. The stand-out star of this collection is Emotion, which is reminiscent of impressionistic painting techniques. It is available in two bright colour variations. Hors du temps features a unique interpretation of the ombre trend with patterned stripes in different shades of pink, blue, orange, turquoise and neutral. Instant shows a softer side of the collection with delicate patterns in Insolite and Precieux. Heure Supendue is another artistic wallpaper and rounds out the collection with its beautiful colour combinations and abstract patterns. The Casamance Instant Collection is available in South Africa exclusively from Hertex Fabrics. For more information, visit