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Bronwyn Lace exhibition

Running until 3 December at Circa – Johannesburg’s iconic architectural gallery space – is Bronwyn Lace's very first solo exhibition. Titled a tendency toward complexity, the exhibition's main feature is an entirely new and site-specific installation in CIRCA, which was inspired by the building's architecture and the feelings it elicits for artists, as well as a growing fascination in the relationship between theology and physics. A 2004 Wits Fine Art graduate, Bronwyn attempts through the exhibition to tackle her own cognitive and emotional understanding of the physical world. She employs scale, detail and light to create an awe-inspiring space of questions without answers. 'Art, physics and religion all use symbol in an attempt describe and explain the workings of our universe; this exhibition is a visual manifestation of a conversation between the three entities and the way it plays out in my head,' says Bronwyn. The exhibition features a series of collapsed, reimagined and relocated objects created out of previous site-orientated installations made over the last three years. In addition to these objects there are embossed prints of found insect bodies she has collected over the same time period. These meticulous collections and structures of previous installations have been given a second life in this new exhibition – embracing a complexity found in chance and occasional chaos. The exhibition runs until 3 December, 2012, at CIRCA on Jellicoe, Rosebank, Johannesburg. For more information visit