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South African art has become hot property on the international market, spearheaded by two people in particular; Bonham’s Director Giles Peppiatt and Head of South African Art Hannah O’Leary. The pair are responsible for hosting the only specialist auction of South African art outside of Africa. They will be hosting a talk at the UCT Irma Stern Museum in Cape Town, on 24 February 2015. The purpose of the talk is to address the question: 'why there has been such a huge global rise in value of South African art in recent years?'  Laying the foundation for discussions like 'how is it Gerard Sekoto, who fled the country to die in poverty in Paris, has work that reach auction prices of hundreds of thousands of pounds?' Bonhams, one of the original Georgian auction houses founded in 1793, is one of the three largest fine art auction houses in the world. They  sell in 60 specialist categories, from Classic Cars to Chinese Porcelain and everything you can imagine in between. 'What we continue to see is a new ‘Scramble for Africa’; no longer for land, gold or diamonds, but for art. I say this advisedly as I stand here at the Irma Stern Museum, almost in the shadow of Cecil John Rhodes, who led another scramble for Africa. The scramble I am talking about, is a rather different kind of tussle, one that is making art a viable occupation for artists across Africa, bringing hope to communities in many of its 54 nations. It is a new development taking the message of African ingenuity to the wider world - a rather different message the kind the world has grown used to hearing from Africa. It has been our very great privilege to play a small part in taking that message to the wider art market,' says Giles. For more information contact Julian Roup at