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Beatrix Bosch Exhibition

Internationally renowned artist, Beatrix Bosch, will be exhibiting her work which preserves Africa’s wildlife heritage through the use of unique pieces of art in the form of leather. She gets her wild animal hides from carefully managed national parks throughout South Africa. The hides are certified by the South African department of nature conservation – so be assured that she is not contributing to the pain and suffering of animals. Texture being Bosch’s signature, she combines this with a multitude of colours, accentuating even the subtle nuances, and sometimes using the imperfections in the leather to highlight its unique qualities. Her bold approach and creative eye ultimately produce works of art that are both truly unique and highlight the natural beauty of the leather. Beatrix says that her skill 'lies in selecting the pieces that will work together, maximising the innate textures of the piece and bringing it together in a design that celebrates the beauty of the leather itself'. It’s not enough to just look at - you might want to touch her creations to feel and see beyond the shapes and to fully experience its tangible features. So make your way to The Great Cellar at Alphen Estate, Alphen drive in Constantia, Cape Town, for the exhibition from 8-15 November 2012. For more information contact Liza Dyason on 076-550-1422 or visit