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Use tiles to create an accent wall in your bathroom

Cover a wall with Deco Lys Gris tiles to make a statement, or simply add a stripe to lead the eye across the room.

While feature walls have been trending in interiors for a while now, wallpapers often play the leading role. For a different take, Oren Sachs, managing director at WOMAG tells us how to make a statement in the bathroom using tiles alone. Not only can they be used in diverse and interesting ways, they aren't susceptible to water damage as wallpapers and other applications are. Why have feature walls become so popular? People are becoming more adventurous and tend to favour looks that are unique to their homes. Adding a feature wall is a great way to express individuality and style, and it also helps balance the shape of a room and direct focus in a space. What are your top tips when creating a feature wall? The wall you choose to highlight should ideally be the space to which your eye is first drawn when you enter the room. Walls with fireplaces or existing design features like mantelpieces work well, but avoid walls with doors or windows as they’ll detract from the effect you're trying to create. Be brave with your colours, textures and patterns. If your room is already a neutral colour, choose a strong contrasting shade for instant drama and depth. If your walls are already a bright hue, try a complementary colour a few shades darker or lighter on the feature wall. For extra interest, try a striking striped effect using harmonious hues. What tile techniques can be used for a feature wall? Tile can be cut into diagonal shapes and installed on the wall to create a unique pattern. A feature wall can be as simple as adding a stripe of tiles across the room or using them to create a unique pattern. For something more streamlined and seamless, we recommend large format tiles (also known as porcelain slabs). Visit for more information.
Try these Fusion Iris tiles for a bold explosion of muted colour.

Give your space a classic feel with Ultra Marmi Arabescato Statuario porcelain slabs.

bathroom In this bathroom, Atlantic Dark Grey tiles have been used to form a unique pattern that looks like water reflecting on glass.