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Barbara Osorio

T&Co Fabrics endeavours to bring you interesting and dynamic interviews, not only introducing you to local designers but international designers as well. One of the favoured designers is Barbara Osorio, of Barbara Osorio Fabrics, who is now being stocked in South Africa. Barbara has an amazing ability to create unique fabrics that merge the key elements of an exquisite fabric. After working with fabrics for over 18 years, Barbara Osorio was founded in 2015. She does not like to associate a fabric with a particular context, style or lifestyle but rather enjoys each fabric for its varying aspects and potentials. A Q&A was done with this designer to find our more about her approach, design and passions. wildflower_collection_2016_01 Chronologically describe what you are going through (feeling and thoughts) on your way to work. On my way to work I get lost in my dreams, I even forget that I am driving. I can easily travel around the world in different dimensions while sitting in my car. Work only starts when I arrive at my desk, open the computer and check the agenda for the day. From your point of view, is design an art or a science? From my point of view, design is an answer to art with science. Can you remember your first design project? My first big collection was called "once upon a time". While working on this project my mind got lost in a magical world of stories and images, in fact not totally directed to decoration. Tell us something unusual that happened in your career? I love my work, because lots of unusual things happen all the time. I get to know different people, with a diverse way of working and thinking. I find myself often in unexpected situations which makes life surprisingly happier. wildflower_collection_2016_02 What is the most frustrating aspect of your job as a designer? And the most rewarding one? It is not nice or productive to see that some fabrics from a collection are staying in stock. The most rewarding aspect is when I open a good a magazine and see my fabrics applied in beautiful interiors or when I am lucky to enter a restaurant or hotel and see the fabrics somewhere. What does fabric mean to you in terms of interiors and, which fabrics do you relate to personally? Fabrics are the 'cherry top of the cake' when it comes to decoration. They bring comfort and uniqueness to the interiors. For me personally fabrics translate a wonderful world of colour and texture. A never ending story of possibilities and mixing and matching between patterns and compositions. Fabrics are part of my world of beauty. wildflower_collection_2016_10 What would you like to share with people about your ideas? I like colours, flowers, flavours, the possibility of being amazed, surprised or astonished, travelling, cleaning, organizing, cooking and meanwhile my ideas come and go with velocity, and sometimes I have the chance to grab some of them. What advice do you have for young designers or architects reading this interview? Please use fabrics on your projects. Be creative, respect people and the earth in its most simple essence. Find our more about this Barbara Osorio's fabrics at T&Co.