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Bamboo Forest Fabric

Jim Thompson – the famous American designer who helped revitalise Thailand's silk industry in the 1950s – once compared the garden that surrounds his Bangkok home to a 'jungle'. While his teak house is now a museum located in the centre of a modern metropolis, rain forest trees, flowering bananas and different varieties of palm still surround his former residence. It's this jungle atmosphere that led to the beautifully patterned silks originally created by Thompson and which continues to be a source of inspiration for the Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company and their contemporary designs. Paying tribute to Thompson's jungle, Jim Thompson have released their exotic Bamboo Forest Collection. Here are a few of our favourites from the new collection: Caladium Made from 100% linen in four vibrant colourways, Caladium features distinctive multi-colored leaves of an elegant caladium plant inspired by botanical drawings. While it has a precise, formal look, the range of bold hues make it truly exotic. Garden Trail Made from 75% linen and 25% viscose in two colourways, Garden Trail features an eye-catching intricately embroidered 'Tree of Life' design. The print's two chosen colorways mix a traditional theme with contemporary colours to give a crisp, modern look and appeal. Bamboo Forest Made from a silk/cotton blend in five colourways, Bamboo Forest is the premier fabric in the new collection. This refined silk jacquard is woven in an elegant bamboo pattern, a motif traditionally used in Chinese art as an auspicious symbol of longevity and resilience. Inspired by hand painted Chinese ink scrolls, Bamboo Forest hints at the glamour of the 1970’s and has an iridescent and romantic appeal. The Bamboo Forest collection is available in South Africa from T&Co. For more information visit Prices are as follows: Caladium - R1310 per metre Garden Trail - R2140 per metre Bamboo Forest - R1970 per metre