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Artisan Contemporary Art Gallery

The Artisan Gallery is based in Florida Road, the epicentre of Durban’s social scene. The address and trendy neighbours, including Vida E Café, are only two of the many reasons to visit the gallery. Situated in a converted 1926 house, the light-filled space acts as a canvas for an array of items ranging from contemporary fine art to jewellery and cutlery. They also represent many of our country’s award-winning ceramicists, and with the current ceramics trend you are sure to find something new to add to your collection. Ingrid Smith, the owner has a teaching background, but now finds herself living her artistic dream. Her strong curatorial instincts are at home in her gallery where she hosts exhibitions and stocks a range of artworks that have a distinct local theme. The Artisan offers both the art collector and art enthusiasts a space to browse or find their next investment piece. Add the Artisan gallery to your address book: 344 Florida Rd, Morningside Durban - 031 312 4364 Text: Nadia van der Mescht Nadia is a creative consultant who has a passion for locally crafted products.  She works with fellow creatives to build their brand, online presence and press portfolio. Creativity with integrity is her motto. Read her blog at