Online art store

The L.A.D Project is an innovative idea for bringing quality artworks to all South Africans. ‘I decided to create The L.A.D. Project with the idea that everyone should be able to own quality art work,’ explains owner Nicole Donaldson.  ‘Most people think that to own a good piece of art, you have to pay excessive amounts of money and that isn’t necessarily true.  Basically, the concept behind L.A.D. is to provide quality artwork at prices that people can afford. I also noticed that there is quite a lot of art being exhibited in South Africa that is of a very low standard and then there are these amazing artists that aren’t getting the exposure that they deserve.  So I wanted to give the talented artists a platform to showcase their work. I always make a huge effort to keep the work offered by L.A.D. local to South Africa.’ At the moment, The L.A.D. Project is run entirely online from a website which exhibits the works available by several well-known South African artists, including Kim Donaldson, Lauren Fowler and Errol Boyley. ‘My goal is to build The L.A.D. Project into a site that offers hundreds of pieces of work that will suit everyone’s tastes.  I am constantly searching for new and established artists to showcase their art.  I am quite selective with which artists I take on board, and it sometimes proves to be a slow progression,’ says Nicole. The L.A.D. Project has both original works and prints available in every genre from contemporary to wildlife. The new venture is growing by the week so keep your eye on the site for new artists being featured regularly. To see The L.A.D. Projects collections go to Text: Candice Botha