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Art On Your Couch

Lara Hughes is a South African graphic designer who continues to make waves on the décor trend scene, especially with her new design company Lara Designs. HL has taken note of her range of scatter cushions, what she deems as “Art on your Couch”. She combines graphic design and her love of fine art to produce unique cushions and textile designs. ‘In 2013 I chose to explore my true roots in fine arts and launched a new company under my name, Lara Designs. Here I was able to express my emotions and capture moments in abstract form through pen and ink, brush and ink and stick and ink,’ she says. ‘Each design is hand drawn by me and has been silk screened onto pure cotton fabric. The idea is once the client wants to update their space, the cushions can be framed as ‘works of art’, combining functionality and aesthetics,’ Lara shares. 'My aim is to design and supply exclusive textile art to beautify and infect space. The inspiration behind my designs is to capture emotions and the feeling in what I see in everyday life. The images are drawn/painted in quick brushstrokes to capture what I see before it is gone.' 'Most of the artworks on the cushions were drawn in pairs. One is a more obvious object, for example a sketched man, the second image is the abstract form but drawn to capture the movement and in turn the emotion behind it,' Lara concludes. See page 160 in our July Issue for our Lounge Solutions and Lara's featured cushion. To purchase Lara’s cushions, visit her website at They are also available at Casbah Design Boutique and Email her on for more info.