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Art for the bees

Ever thought that the seven billion humans alive today are akin to an overpopulated beehive? Artist Stephen Rosin draws a few disturbing parallels between humanity and the honey bee through his recent series HiveMind and now through his upcoming show A Hollow Drumming of Wings. Through bold graphics, Stephen offers up a critical view of the human ‘swarm’, questioning the social hierarchy into which we organise ourselves. His use of typography creates a sense of branding, which places the concept within a familiar framework, thereby making it more ‘friendly’ to viewers already so adept at consuming vast amounts of media. It is subversive, offering up a criticism of society's obsession with media.

Drone by Stephen Rosin. Drone by Stephen Rosin.

'Each font is chosen according to what visual trigger I'm looking to instill in the piece,' he notes. The same goes for the medium he works in. For example, HiveMind is created using gold leaf, meant to represent wealth hierarchy in society. 'The medium should always act as a vehicle for the content I am trying to convey to the viewer,' he explains. A Hollow Drumming of Wings will be showing at Lizamore and Associates Gallery from 2 to 25 June 2016. 155 Jan Smuts Ave, Johannesburg. Tel 011 880 8802