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Ardmore's new wallpaper designs for Cole & Son

Cole & Son

For quite some time now, Ardmore has been so much more than a ceramics company. Thanks to the launch of their offshoot brand, Halsted, the creative powerhouse has had the opportunity to experiment in other fields, translating their delightful design style into fabrics and, most recently, collaborating with Cole & Son on a new collection of wallpapers. The Ardmore collection contains every ounce of the over-the-top goodness you've come to love from the brand, who is recognisable for the brilliant display of African wildlife and exotic botanicals in their work. Their first foray into wallpapers is vibrant, mischievous and conversational. Inspired to add a bit of Ardmore's signature whimsy to your walls? The range is available in South Africa through St Leger & Viney.