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Not long ago we featured a collection of rugs that British fashion mogul Paul Smith designed in collaboration with The Rug Company. Now, the floor covering specialists have joined forces with celebrated Spanish designer Lorenzo Castillo to release a new range of rugs striking enough to be a room's statement piece. In all of his work, Lorenzo is renowned for seamlessly blending the past and the present, and he does this beautifully with his new range of rugs. The pieces are heavily inspired by buildings of yore and he manages to capture the essence of these structure in his hand-knotted creations while still giving the aesthetic a modern spin. 'A continuous source of inspiration for me is classical architecture, which I like to rework into a modern interpretation,' explains the designer. 'These rugs have a traditional appeal but also feel very contemporary'. The Segovia rug, for instance, is inspired by the 15th-century Spanish mansion Casa de los Picos, which has a facade covered with a relief of small pyramid shapes. Lorenzo has managed to recreate the feel of this relief with a colour palette of blue, grey and white that gives the rug much depth and artistic appeal. Then there's the Isabella, which seeks to reflect the rusticated stone effect on the facade of the Palazzo Strozzi palace in Florence, and Escorial, which mirrors the patterns found on marble floors in 16th-century Spain. Graphene, on the other hand, takes its inspiration from the hexagonal honeycomb lattice that makes up the structure of the carbon allotrope graphene. Through a clever use of colour and graphics that create optical illusions, Lorenzo has managed to turn these inspirations into eye-catching floor pieces that would be equally at home in a more traditional house as they would in an edgy, contemporary one. The rugs, which all have quite a thick pile, are available from April 2016 from The Rug Company showroom in Cape Town and can also be custom-ordered to match specific size requirements. The price is R13 950 per metre squared or R69 948 for a rug measuring 2.74 x 1.83 metres.

LorenzoSEGOVIAIn The Segovia rug in blue, grey and white.

LorenzoISABELLAInsitu Isabella in muted red and grey.

LorenzoESCORIAL_F Escorial in ochre yellow and greys.

LorenzoGRAPHENE_F Graphene in pale yellow and grey.