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Laundry day goes Zen with Whirlpool

Georgia East

Equipped with Zen Technology innovation, Whirlpool's new FSCR 90462 Omnia washing machine is as functional as it is beautiful. Thanks to its 6th sense intelligence, the machine automatically adjusts resources like water, detergent and power to minimise waste. It also possesses a feature known as Supreme Care Colours, which is a unique option that remains at a standard temperature of 15°C in order to preserve the colour of your clothes as well as the longevity of their fabric. Last week we enjoyed the exclusive launch of Whirlpool’s new laundry range with a fun event that mimicked a fashion shoot. Held at Cape Town’s Roodebloem Studios, a 1950s-style laundromat was juxtaposed against creations by talented local designers including Nicholas Coutts, Merwe Mode, Chulaap and milliner Crystal Birch. Renowned photographer Sven Kristian captured images of models and guests alike posing against the sleek charcoal exterior of the washing machines, whilst One Ingredient chef Matt Manning provided stylish eats in the form of risotto croquettes, sea bass ceviche and gnocchi with pea puree. Owen O'Reilly of Sip Exclusive whipped up interesting new cocktails with flavours that kept us guessing. Encouraged to arrive dressed in their high-fashion bests, guests also had the opportunity to experience Whirlpool’s 6th Sense intuitive machines for themselves as we were shown how the appliances self-adjust based on the weight of the load placed into the drum. Whirlpool has used enough style and innovation in their new range to tempt anyone looking to reduce the running costs but not the quality of their washing machine. Visit for more.   Save