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Another Dimension Exhibition

The Casamento Showroom, in collaboration with artist Mer Roberts, explores the unusual harmonies between furniture and fine art in ‘Another Dimension’. Mer (or Maggie) presents mixed media and photographic collage from her ongoing series ‘Connections to an Untethered Future’ and Eve Collette, owner/artist at Casamento, has made bespoke furniture pieces to complement Maggie’s work. The theory is that when furniture and art are thoughtfully curated in a space, a further dimension – another element of creativity – emerges. Originally from the UK, Maggie now works from her studio in Scarborough and draws inspiration from the Cape Ocean and night’s sky. ‘Living in Scarborough, I've developed a great awareness of the starry cosmos. In the fluid, futuristic collage work, I explore global concerns with survival and the unknown,’ she says. The pair met at the Old Biscuit Mill, where both owned stores selling repurposed pieces – Maggie selling customised second-hand clothing, Eve selling the Casamento upholstered furniture pieces. With mutual appreciation for one another’s work, this recent collaboration was a long time coming. ‘We appreciate the “unexpectedness” in each other’s work; there’s a lot more to the pieces than meets the eye. No two pieces are the same,’ says Maggie. ‘Colour is a huge emotional language for me – that’s another place where Eve’s work resonates, it has an amazing sense of colour.’ From afar the shapes in Maggie’s work appear organic, but up close the composition is more jarring. ‘Overall the collages have an elegiac sublime tone – and are evolutionary fever dreams. For me, to dream the future, science fiction is a tool, such as magic once was for transformation. I'm trying to make experimental realities – weaving space, time and matter into fluid temporary configurations that are essentially science-fictional.’ By pairing furniture with artworks in an exhibition space, a different mood is created. It puts the furniture in an art context. ‘We watch people come in, sit and spend more time looking at the work; more time than if they were in a clinical gallery space. It changes the time that people feel is being offered to them. We produced the experiment on an aesthetic, conceptual level but have received an experiential result.’ The exhibition has been extended and will run until 12 April 2014 at 160 Albert Road, Woodstock. For more information, visit their Facebook page. Read more about Casamento Studio in By Design in the May 2014 issue of House and Leisure. Text Lisa Wallace Photographs Micky Hoyle