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Alex Hamilton Exhibition

Alex Hamilton's new solo exhibition, A Debris of Divas, Part One: Little Edie Beale is the first of a series of exhibitions inspired by the great divas of popular culture. Little Edie Beale was one of the first 'reality' celebrities after a documentary featuring her and her mother living in their dilapidated Hamptons mansion in 1972 was aired. Edie was portrayed as one of the original fashion 'upcyclers' and became a true cult icon. The wacky reality of Edie’s world has been interpreted through a combination of layered stencil portraits and the use of textiles and found objects, depicting the iconic 'former glory' of the house and the character. Dress-up dolls (similar to vintage paper dolls) give the exhibition a sense of skewed playfulness. The exhibition includes stencil artworks, assemblages, embroidery and dolls. It opens on Thursday 10 April 2014 at 5.30pm at The Alex Hamilton Studio/Gallery, 3rd floor, 9 Barron St, Woodstock, Cape Town. The exhibition will be on display until 24 April 2014. You can visit the studio from 9am until 4pm on weekdays, or by appointment.