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Advertorial: Miele

Design For Life Miele’s Generation 6000 PureLine range of built-in appliances include wall ovens, steam cookers, coffee machines, microwave ovens and cooker hoods. The range’s PureLine design harmonises with architectural styles ranging from purist to contemporary by unpretentiously integrating into kitchen cabinetry. In a scenario like this, the kitchen itself is the hero in an artistic presentation in which individual elements bow to the bigger picture by avoiding lavish detail. Seamless Integration The Generation 6000 PureLine range offers a range of appliances that span product categories, uniting them through their use of the same design features. In their entirety, these design traits produce a fleet design across the entire range. Model combinations, whether panoramic or vertical, appear to come from the same mould. A common trait on all appliances is the centered positioning of the display on the glass fascia and the array of sensor controls below. This gives the user direct access to key functions such as ‘On/Off’ or the ‘Back’ key. These joint design features accentuate the horizontal, linear design of the frontage across all products. Even models with rotary controls combine effortlessly with touch-control units. A Choice Of Colour The PureLine range includes new front colours. Alongside familiar Miele colours and surfaces, which include CleanSteel stainless steel and Brilliant White, there are two newcomers as well – Obsidian Black and Havana Brown, both of which offer increased choice. No other manufacturer of built-in appliances covers such a broad spectrum of colours and materials, enabling such a range of options to ensure harmoniously matching colour schemes. Touchscreen Operation With its Generation 6000, Miele has introduced new user interfaces and displays across all built-in appliances. Whether touch controls, conventional rotary selectors or a combination of the two – product handling on the new appliances is simpler and more intuitive than ever before. The absolute highlight is the M Touch interface, boasting a colour TFT touch display. Reminiscent of smart phones and tablets, M Touch stands for a high-resolution TFT display (thin-film transistor) that has been included on flagship models. The menu is browsed by swiping or scrolling with the tip of a finger. For more information, visit