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ADVERTORIAL: LG Sapience Washing Machine

LG’s new Sapience Washing Machine provides the ultimate in hygiene and health. Consumers everywhere are becoming more and more concerned with health and hygiene, and, while basic actions like healthy eating habits and regular exercise have become second nature, there are also healthy choices you can make when it comes to choosing your home appliances. LG’s latest top loader, the Sapience Washing Machine has officially launched in South Africa, offering health and hygiene benefits along with exceptional performance. Its powerful steam cleaning and hygiene-enhancing features are underpinned by its innovative new heater. The new heater allows the washing machine to adjust the water temperature as necessary, delivering the best possible hygienic washing results for an array of different fabric types. Product testing confirms that in order to achieve optimal cleanliness, the internal temperature of a washing machine must be at least 40°C. LG’s top load washing machines incorporate a stain care course that takes full advantage of the heater’s power, raising the water temperature to 40°C for effective stain removal. Offering further benefit, the warm water from the heater ensures that residual laundry detergent is quickly dissolved during the cycle. Meanwhile, the top-loaders’ also offer an allergy care course, producing the 60°C temperature required for the elimination of germs and bacteria in clothing. At this heat, germs and harmful allergens are effectively eradicated, leaving clothes hygienically fresh, while the Tub Clean+ feature sterilises 99.99% of bacteria found inside the tub at the same time. Tub Cleaner’s impressive germ-fighting capabilities promise the consumer better health and peace of mind. In order to improve hygiene, and to cope with high temperatures the top-loaders are fitted with full stainless steel tubs, which result in up to 90% less bacteria growth than a plastic washer tub. The new LG Sapience Washing Machine is available at all major retail outlets. For more information, visit