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A Secret Floral Love Poem


Floral stylist and concept designer Alwijn Burger, who's more commonly known BLOMBOY released this beautiful video just in time for Valentine's Day. The Love Garland clip takes you through the romantic tradition of floriography, otherwise known as 'the language of flowers', which saw romantics exchange cryptic coded messages through the use of flowers. Most popular during the Victorian era, floriography allowed lovers to express feelings that could not be spoken aloud considering customs of the time. The ‘talking bouquets’ were worn as garlands or wreaths or carried as a fashion accessory. In this BLOMBOY video, Alwijn re-introduces this wonderfully romantic tradition. Though, the techniques used here speak of a much more contemporary approach. We think the result makes for a fine, much more meaningful alternative to a bunch of ruby red roses draped in sheets of cellophane. Enjoy watching his process and listening to the dreamy John Keats reading. To find out more about BLOMBOY, visit his Facebook page.