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8 Compact Couches

Don't slouch in your tiny living spaces! Take a look at these beautiful sofas fit for little rooms and cosy evenings: 1. Qalakabusha Sofa created by Ardmore Design Collection. admore-couch It's no surprise that this local number was included as a top pick by our HL editor as part of fabrics that wow. Click here to see what else was on Naomi's list.   2. Camden 2 seater sofa by MRP Home. mrp-couch 3. Paris Sofa by Egg Design Studio paris-sofa 4. Futuro sofa available from  Casarredo. futuro-sofa 5. Ektorp 1 seat sofa at Nevarda Furniture. EKTORP_1_SEAT_SO_522aa50f031a7-700x700 6. Juno Sofa by Casamento. Casamento-Juno-Sofa-Front We love this little company based just outside of Cape Town. There brand of 'Expressionist Furniture' uses only natural fibres and you can customise your design with a range of shapes and patterns.   7. Curator Sofa by OKHA Interiors. Curator-Sofa1_OKHA-Interiors 8. Donut Sofa by Créma. Donuts_02-470x396 This lightweight Donut can be easily moved around your space and is guaranteed to make you smile! Designer Dirk Wynants was inspired to create Donuts after a trip in a friends inflatable boat.