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7 Vases for Spring Flowers

Spring has sprung, which means it's time to fill your home with fabulous floral arrangements. In line with this, leading interior design agency Head Interiors has shared its latest collection of vases with us. We like the mix of heights and shapes that are available in the range – it gives you the freedom to mix and match different styles.

 The Minimalist Ceramic


You can add interest while retaining your clean understated style with this white Opal cut ceramic vase (R1 750).

The Red Topiadar Urn


If your décor is a reflection of your wanderlust, this red croc Topiadar urn will be a great addition to a room brimming with the exotic trinkets of the well-travelled aesthete (R3 600).

The Classic Crystal


This crystal-cut glass vase is timeless and elegant (R1 200).

A Modern Sphere


The fluid shape and cast iron material of the Sphere vase will add a contemporary feel to any modern home (R4 000).

A Retro Revival


Apart from the great colour, this vase brings happiness. A retro piece that will add amber tones to your room (R3 500).

The Black Deco Vase


Exuberant and dramatic, this black double-layer crystal vase is reminiscent of the glamorous 1920s style (R3 500).

The Metal Vase



The hammered metal detail on this Silver Trumpet vase makes it an eye-catching statement piece (R1 100).

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