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6 Cool bananas

This sweet fruit is a favourite on grocery lists and fruit bowls world wide and now it has made it's way into the world of decor and fashion. Pre-packaged in their own little yellow jackets, we're not surprised that the banana is predicted as a trend for 2016.

We've gathered six favourite items that reference the humble banana in all its yellow glory:


insitu 1. Chuck Taylor All Stars “Warhol Banana” R1060, Superbalist



insitu 2 2. Missibaba Cushion R950, Birba


insitu 3 3. Sonia Rykiel Banana Sweater R3200, Maison Mara


insitu 4 4. Banana Leaf Pouch in Black, Lichen and Leaf


insitu 5 5. Brass Banana Split Ring R390, Dear Rae Jewellery


insitu 6 6. Banana Bumbag clutch in yellow and gold R2600, Missibaba