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5 golden lights we adore

If you're after a luxe look in your interior, go for gold. Associated with abundance and elegance, this metallic accent can be a little overwhelming when overused, so the key is to practise restraint and select a few statement pieces to draw the eye in your space. These gilded light fittings, for instance, make a sophisticated addition. Pair them with dark, moody palette to make them really stand out or, for a warmer look, complement them with a pastel tones.

mad for mondrian

golden lights The Mondrian Glass Ceiling by Italian duo Melissa Lunardi and Massimo Tonetto (under the mantle of VeniceM), features five mouth-blown Murano glass spheres in white, amethyst, or smoke-grey. With its burnished frame, offset by elegant geometry, the chandelier is subtle enough to work with a range of interior styles while remaining eye-catching.

topical tropical

golden lights The mod-tropical Palmyra Floor Lamp by Syrette Lew of Moving Mountains would fit right in with the updated island style popular in the chic coastal resorts of the Bahamas. Despite hovering on the brink of cliché, the Palmyra features a long, elegant stem that brings it back into stylish territory. Find more inspiration on mod-tropical living here.

taking shape

golden lights The Bangle installation by Luum for Heathfield & Co is a cluster of metallic pyramids floating amid tiny, spherical light bulbs. Although it was designed to enhance public spaces, there's absolutely nothing wrong with suspending it above an entrance hall or staircase to create some serious drama.

golden explosion

golden lights Catellani&Smith's Postkrisi table lamp looks like an exploded gilded planet or a shattered star. Either way, we love it, and would happily add it to our spaces as a work of functional art.

bold as brass

golden lights Michael Anastassiades' Tube chandelier floats mysteriously above the entrance way in a Parisian apartment. Made of satin brass and strip lights, this triangular fixture stands out brilliantly against its dark surrounds and minimal decor, emphasising its bold and unusual shape. Find more lighting solutions on our Pinterest board, here.