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5 of our decor editor's design faves from our Pinterest boards


Innovative design comes in many forms, and we love seeing new products and objets that satisfy our aesthetic sensibilities. These five design favourites come from a collection that's been curated by our decor editor over time – follow us on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Form Follows Function table

design faves The second piece in Dutch interior architect Daan Mulder's Form Follows Function line, this table is made by laminating multiple layers of wood that are finished with an oak veneer. Although the top may appear lightweight and delicate, it remains strong and durable. His preoccupation with fluid lines is seen throughout the series, resulting in a collection of beautifully minimal furniture pieces.

winding staircase

design faves Design doesn't have to be limited to objects and can be implemented anywhere in an interior. This compelling staircase by New Zealand company EMRJ Woodwork confuses the eye with its shape, as it twists upwards like an optical illusion.

River table

design faves Furniture maker Greg Klassen's River table is designed to look like a topographic map of a waterway, and could easily be a sculpture. Klassen handpicks discarded timber from around the US Pacific Northwest where he lives and sculpts them into half of a tabletop with one intentionally rough side. He then joins the two pieces by inserting a blue-tinged glass, hand-cut to accommodate the uneven edges.

Scale cabinet

design faves Cabinets are a great way to tuck extra things out of sight, especially when living in a small space. Not only are they practical, they're also a great way to add style to an interior. This Collect 2012 cabinet by Sara Larsson for Swedish brand A2 Designers, with its leather-scaled front detail, is as much a functional object as a statement piece.

Monstera magnifica plant pot

design faves As indoor plants become increasingly popular, take your collection to new heights with this Monstera Magnifica plant pot by Dutch designer Tim van de Weerd. The design shows a fascinating tension between stillness and movement, while also contrasting the organic with the industrial. Although the legs look fragile, they are actually made of steel bars that have been bent and covered with clay so they won't break easily.
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