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5 bookshelves you need this winter


Winter is for curling up with a good book and settling down for a few hours of comfort and warmth. But if you're going to be adding new titles to your collection, you'll also need a place to store them – which is why we've rounded up 5 inventive and interesting ideas to try at home.

making waves

bookshelves The undulating contours of this bookshelf are contemporary and soothing on the eye, and its clever design means it can accommodate books of varying widths and heights. A white base keeps it elegantly understated, while vertical blue-green panels add just the right amount of visual impact.

creative curves

bookshelves A curved variation on a ladder, this bookcase makes a unique decorative statement. Stack books vertically and horizontally to mix things up or arrange the bindings by colour to create a rainbow effect. This modern yet playful bookcase will be right at home in a contemporary living space, but it'll also bring a touch of youth to a more traditional setting.

industrial style

bookshelves Vibrant and bold, this metal bookshelf becomes a focal point in the home and is perfect for a loft apartment or an urban-styled space. With large, sturdy shelves that are open on the edges, it's great for storing books alongside other decorative objects that you'd like to put on proud display.

block party

bookshelves Make storage cubes interesting again by turning them on their side to create a diagonal pattern – they look especially great on a bright feature wall. For a small book collection, a few blocks will suffice, but nothing's stopping you from covering an entire wall with enough units to fit your entire library. Store similarly coloured books in the same cubes for added effect.

elegantly built-in

bookshelves Built-in bookshelves double up as impressive space savers. The cross-shaped centre of this one could be used to highlight a work of art or floral arrangement, while the smaller outer shelves are perfect for exhibiting cherished books or photographs.