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5 alternative ways to display art

Beautiful art in a beautiful frame always catches the eye, but sometimes, hanging by itself on a wall, a piece in a frame just doesn't have the desired effect. We looked at five different ways to creatively display your art to highlight certain areas in your home and to give the pieces the attention they deserve.

Make use of unconventional spaces

Art in the bathroom is unexpected and brings life and personality to a simple room.
Above the bath in the bathroom _ 600 Image from HL December 2015. Styling by Jeanne Botes. Photographs by Greg Cox

DIY – Make a mobile

Create something beautiful with your prints. Mydomaine suggests making a modern art mobile using a rod or branch.
Art mobile My domaine _ 600 Image credit:

Stack art on floating shelves

Dedicate an empty wall to installing a number of floating shelves and dress them with smaller art pieces in frames, with photographs, books and postcards from your travels. Your living space will feel like a live gallery curated by you, adding a personal and warm touch to your home.
Floating shelves _ 600 Image from HL September 2016. Styling by Kate Boswell. Photographs by Micky Hoyle

Use your art collection to make a headboard for your bed

A headboard has never looked this great. Tristan du Plessis is an interior designer who's dominating the high-end nightlife sector. His black-on-black apartment in Milpark captivates his personal style, which is also evident in his work projects.
Art as a headboard _ 600 Image from HL January/February 2016. Styling by Heather Boting. Photograph by Graeme Wyllie

Something similar can be created with an oversized piece of art in a frame above your bed.
White room _ oversized artwork as a headboard _ 600 Image credit:

Casually stack art on the floor against the wall

Below are two examples of framed art layered against the wall. The layered frames in different colours and sizes gives a sense of depth. Make your selection interesting by adding other objects, such as art books, a beautiful candle holder or even an interesting table lamp that, in this case, stands on the floor and not the table.
art Image credit:

Stacked on the floor _ 600 Image from HL September 2016. Styling by Kate Boswell. Photograph by Micky Hoyle