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4 Amazing Tiny Embroiderers

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No longer the boring, traditional pastime of yesteryear, embroidery has re-emerged in a much more exciting, contemporary and painstakingly detailed way. There's been a considerable move towards miniature art, as we've seen in the steady success of Lorraine Loots' 365 Painting for Ants. In the case of embroidery, with nothing more than a needle, some brightly coloured thread and whole host of ideas, these local and international embroiderers are taking the art world by storm:

1. Danielle Clough

One of our 2014 Rising Stars, Danielle Clough of Motherclougher is a local embroidery queen. For this Cape Town-based artist, living in a mess of threads and needles is the norm. ‘I like to think I’m not a closet nerd, but my love for embroidery suggests I am,’ Danielle told us in her Rising Stars interview. Moved by colour combinations, Danielle likes to find fresh ways of exploring traditional tapestries. ‘With the right mind-set, we can be inspired by the simplest things.’ With her desire to keep creating, travel more and exhibit her work, Danielle says it feels like she’s living her dream – ‘and that’s pretty big’. flamingo-full IMG-20131107-WA000  

2. Stephanie Kelly Clark

With a focus on tiny households, Stephanie Kelly Clark of Salt Lake City, creates mini domestic scenes that look more like paintings than thread. On her website, Stephanie explains that she considers herself 'a painter who paints with thread... blur[ring] the lines between fine art and craft'. cfc7ae_336ecf0b7c314af9b6fd742b3374f474.jpg_srb_p_776_780_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srb cfc7ae_3d5bacf5962a45f793b70d2420d9081f.jpg_srb_p_760_763_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srb cfc7ae_7d5f494d57b5491da5a9749d85e6f58d.jpg_srb_p_1182_763_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srb Images credit: stephaniekellyclark  

3. Ana Teresa Barboza

Mimicking the flow of nature, Peruvian-born Ana Teresa Barboza creates stunning, (literal) boundary-breaking art. Her embroidered landscapes emerge out of the tiny frames that house them, bursting wildly outwards as if charging through into the viewer's space. landscape-1 landscape-5 Images credit: anateresabarboza  

4. Chloe Giordano

This Oxford-based embroidery artist specialises in miniature woodland creatures. Highly detailed and almost three dimensional, the threads behave as shading and contouring in creating these adorable little animals. chloe-10 chloe-1 chloe-7 Images credit: karenin   Read More: Q&A: Lorraine Loots Rising Stars: Illustrators Winter Embroidery Gorgeous Embroidered Book Covers