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10 artists create playful rugs for R & Company and Amini

Dana Barnes

It feels as though new collaborations are announced daily, with companies of all varieties – from furniture manufacturers to stationery suppliers – enlisting the creativity of artists and designers around the world to come up with contemporary, limited-edition ranges. Not all of these are attention-grabbing initiatives, but every now and then, one of them stands out – in particular, New York-based design gallery R & Company's recent partnering with luxury Italian carpet brand Amini. Evan Snyderman, cofounder of R & Company, told Wallpaper, 'We're obviously not the first people to have artists and designers make carpets', so to differentiate the Woven Forms collection, the brief given to 10 of the world's top creative talents was 'just to dream', allowing them the opportunity to explore their ideas within the medium of textile. Each carpet, hand-loomed in India or Nepal, reflects its maker's individual style.
David Wiseman

In their colourful designs, the Haas Brothers experimented with the idea of a classic animal hide, while Rogan Gregory utilised a unique carving technique to manipulate the carpet's surface texture. Lluís Lleó came up with a series of rugs that mimic his soft abstract paintings, and Katie Stout's creation reflects her playful style with a jungle-like landscape of fruits and plants. All in all, there's plenty of fun to be had underfoot, although we certainly wouldn't blame you for wanting to adorn your walls with these carpets instead. Woven Forms will be on view at Palazzo Benzon in Venice until 31 July. Later this year, the collection will be shown at R & Company's space in downtown Manhattan. For more information, visit and
Katie Stout

Wendell Castle

Haas Brothers

Thaddeus Wolfe

Renate Muller