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The workspace of our dreams is in Paris

WeWork / Benoit Florencon
Paris is known for its sublime cuisine, perfect pastries and historical monuments. Unsurprisingly, then, a co-working space wouldn't ordinarily be at the top of our list of reasons to move to the French capital... but that might just be about to change. With locations all around the world, from New York City to Seoul, WeWork has now opened up its first site in the 9th arrondissement of Paris – and it's beautiful to say the least. Situated near the 18th-century architectural heritage site, the Pinsot mansion, WeWork Lafayette honours the city's history as a vibrant cultural mecca, drawing particular inspiration from the 1920s period known as Les années folles or 'the crazy years'. During this time, intellectuals, artists and activists gathered to meet, mingle and debate. There was a lively and creative spirit in the air, which is precisely what this new co-working spot aspires to encourage. The design team behind WeWork's latest location have focused on the Art Deco movement, celebrating the simple and the geometric. Many of the building's original features, such as the glass block ceiling, have been maintained. All wrapped up in pretty pastels and unexpectedly modern finishes, it's a space we'd happily spend hours in. If you'd like to give WeWork Lafayette a go, visit for more information.