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Work & Co's NOVA is taking office culture to the streets


Work & Co's NOVA is taking office culture to the streets

New to Work & Co's glam office space portfolio is NOVA, a concept workspace – on wheels. Presenting South Africa's first mobile office pod, you can now conduct meetings, conjure up new ideas and hold brainstorms, plot novel campaigns and inspire innovative concepts while working in the thoughtfully designed pods, parked somewhere beautiful.

Work & Co's founder and creative director Julien Verspieren and Jolize Pienaar believe in offering a functional yet well designed space for optimal productivity. NOVA, their latest concept, is an office: anywhere you like. Inspired by the spirit of the modern nomad worker, where work and lifestyle become enmeshed, the face of the traditional office has changed. Versatility, creativity and inspiration are key factors for business growth, and with that comes an inspiring location. By changing and reinvigorating the work environment, productivity increases, teams co-operate better and business develops faster.

From first thought until final fruition, NOVA underwent a six-month design and build process. It now features all the office essentials: fast Wi-Fi, a smart TV, Apple TV, printer, whiteboard, Nespresso machine, stocked mini-fridge, charging station, plug points, bathroom facility and running water. Being respectful of the environment, it's also completely off the grid and uses solar-generated power.

You and your team can be picked up by the Work & Co chauffeur, and transferred to your exclusive office for the day (breakfast lattes and croissants may await you at your desk, and lunch can also be arranged).

Book your Nova experience for a half or full day at your favourite destination (R1600.00 ex vat or R3000). Contact Work & Co on or visit