Win One of Three Copies of Undercity by Tanya Zack & Mark Lewis

Johannesburg, even if you call it home, remains an elusive beast – a city of secrets. But for those interested in these ‘parts unknown’, as Anthony Bourdain would’ve put it, there’s a whole to discover in Fourthwall Books’ ten-part series called Wake Up, This is Joburg. The wildly successful (and now completely sold out) collection of titles tells the stories of the golden city in thoroughly readable essays by urban planner and researcher Dr Tanya Zack, accompanied by the extraordinary images of photographer, and Zack’s husband, Mark Lewis.

From the ‘dark concrete cavern’ of Kazerne Taxi rank’s highway underpass butchers in 2014’s S’Kop, where Zack says one finds the city’s best-fed rat colony; to the ‘Inside Out’ edition, where the explosive colours and personalities of the Rocky Street Market in Yeoville get explored; to the quirky characters like Tony, whose living museum of a house in the South of Joburg gets unpacked; to the epic story of the Indian migrant family that built a millinery empire in the now-defunct Mabro Mansions — it is a tribute to everything that makes Joburg such an exciting place to live in. Like one of the traders in Made In China says to Zack, ‘Joburg is a great place. It’s a half-London. Whatever you need you can find it here. You can never say ‘I couldn’t find it in Joburg.’

Stand a chance to win one of three copies of Undercity.