WeWork launches in Cape Town

WeWork has taken the world by storm with a new location opening in Cape Town, the renowned coworking space continues to set the bar in interior design.

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WeWork Cape Town


WeWork, the world's leading coworking company that has pioneered a new movement in the workspace sector opened its first location in the Mother City. The new coworking space features works of local designers and artists, showcasing the talent of South Africa's creative industry. 

General Manager of WeWork South Africa, Stafford Masie comments on the opening of the new location in South Africa. 

'We're thrilled to officially open our first location in Cape Town, the Mother City, which marks our third location on the African continent. It's been amazing to watch WeWork's remarkable growth across South Africa, which is thanks to both the demand we've seen from our existing members, as well as potential new enterprise members who are moving away from traditional office model to a more flexible way of working,' she said. 


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WeWork CPT


WeWork aims to reinvent the way people work through a thought out and designed space, technology, community and flexibility. 

Located in the heart of the bustling Cape Town CBD, WeWork's new location can be found at 80 Strand Street and is equipped with over 600 desks catering to both small and large businesses. 


WeWork CPT


The new space is a stark juxtaposition to the traditional office set up as a unique design approach has been employed with the help of South African artists and makers, resulting in an uber-chic working space. 


WeWork CPT

The design approach of WeWork is to seamlessly merge both an overarching global brand aesthetic with a local feel and has been successfully achieved at their new location in Cape Town.

From the use of custom butterfly joints on dark wood fixtures to the South African weave design found on the community bar, WeWork's Cape Town space has playfully incorporated local design into the space. 

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WeWork CPT

Interior Design Manager of WeWork EMEA, Dan Usiskin provides insight behind the design elements used at the new location. 

'We're honoured to mark the launch of our first building in Cape Town. Our team of designers have incorporated the history and beauty of the city into the design of this new space with the use of bespoke artwork that celebrates the city's culture; not only ensuring our members feel the comfort and familiarity of their hometown but that our members also feel inspired, happy and productive in our spaces, ' he explains. 

WeWork CPT


Warm colours, homely furnishings and unique designs rooted in South African culture can be spotted throughout the space - including locally inspired fabrics and patterns.

Bespoke furniture pieces in the space have been created by local vendors who showcase their culture through their work. 

The team of graphic designers at WeWork have created a unique piece of artwork that showcases the iconic 'chappies',  one of South Africa's most iconic brands in an ode to the country's culture. 

WeWork CPT


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