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Van Gogh's life in Painted film

It's no secret that Vincent van Gogh suffered for his art, but it’s his full story that a group of passionate filmmakers are set on telling, through a series of animated paintings in the impressionist artist's recognisable style. Artist Dorota Kobiela and filmmaker Hugh Welchman have teamed up to make the film, which uses images and characters straight from Van Gogh's life. Over 120 of his own paintings are used in the narrative – which itself has been knitted together from the 800 letters he had written to various friends and family members. Dubbed Loving Vincent, the film requires competent painters to contribute to this massive project, which will likely be made up of tens of thousands of paintings. The filmmakers recently made a call to the public for high-level oil painters interested in contributing their skill to the film. If you’re interested, find out more at Watch the jaw-dropping trailer here: