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The Ultimate Lockdown To-Do List

Being at home doesn’t have to be a bore. We have curated a list of things to keep you busy and inspired.

Supplied by Zara Home, Ferm Living, Hay Design, Francisco Andreotti, Juliana Malta, Francesco Ungaro and Irene Kredenets

The saying ‘home is where the heart is’ has never rung more true than in these past few weeks. But home has also become where work is, where the gym is, and where we meet-up with our friends on Skype.

So if you are going a little crazy in your self-isolated little corner of the world, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with some creative ideas for staying busy. And no, baking banana bread did not make the cut. 


Make pasta with a pro

With Nonna Live , you are able to learn how to make fresh Italian pasta from scratch with a few simple ingredients.  

The online experience is a two-hour lesson with a step-by-step guide by 84-year-old Nonna Nerina, an Italian grandmother who has become an internet sensation and possibly the new face of Italian homemade pasta.  Nonna is assisted by her granddaughter, Chiara as they prepare not only pasta but also a number of traditional Italian and family recipes.

After registering a shopping list is sent to all users and requires a number of simple ingredients including eggs and flower. As a virtual cooking experience Nonna Live will provide escapism with fresh and delicious aromas wafting through your home.  

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Nonna Nerina is only available to give classes on the weekends but her talented sous chef Chiara provides a number of in-depth virtual cooking lessons during the week. The virtual lesson costs R 1076,80 (USD60) and users are able to schedule which lesson they would like to attend on the official website.


KonMari your home

With rush and bustle of everyday life we don’t always have the opportunity to keep our space organised to a tee. But now you literally have no more excuses. Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her organisation and de-cluttering skills.

Take this opportunity to reflect on the items in your home and create a space that ‘sparks joy’. Marie Kondo shares a number of tips on how to tidy up different spaces in your home along with how to maximise your storage.  A quick de-cluttering and a bit of organisation may just help you feel a bit more put-together and refresh your space.


Brighten up your morning with these brunch recipes

Brunch time is sacred among millennials for good reason. While you can’t hit up your favourite brunch spots at the moment, you can still recreate the experience at home.

As we settle into late weekend mornings at home, our brunch recipe list provides an endless array of mouth-watering options. Learn how to prepare a bloody mary, hash browns and other brunch staples with our recipe guide.


Watch an inspiring décor show

Many of us will be tempted to Netflix-binge our way through the next few weeks, so we might as well use that time to watch shows that will inspire us to make the most of our homes.

From ‘The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’ to ‘Interior Design Masters’ this list is for design and décor lovers alike. Find the list here


Daily dose of arts and culture

Google Arts and Culture has partnered with over 500 museums and art galleries across the world to provide virtual tours of some of the most iconic places across the globe.

Take a tour of MoMA or ‘head to’ Museé du Louvre, as you take in the rich culture and history housed in some of the greatest museums of all time. We have curated a list of five must-see virtual museums here


Become a sommelier from your couch

WSET, a global wine and spirit education trust, has a free app available on both android and iOS devices. The app allows users to increase their knowledge about different tasting notes by recording down the flavours and aromas tasted in various wines.

The app is titled WSET Tasting Notes – Wine and provides helpful tips and information to help users learn more about the craft behind their favourite wine and also the depth of flavours that one tasting can offer.


Host a virtual ‘games night’

With technology allowing us to connect with our loved ones and friends even though they might be far away, creating a games night via Zoom or Skype can lift the spirits.

Just make sure you all have the same games on hand, plus a full glass of wine and plenty of snacks, and you’re set.


Self care everyday

Take some time out to relax while you are at home and prepare a DIY papaya facemask. This mask only requires a few ingredients, is easy to make and is the ideal self care treat to revive your skin.


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