Ultimate Brunch Recipes

Here is our guide to a number of delicious brunch recipes that promise to be a hit with family and friends.

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There is just something about brunch that echoes the holidays anda relaxed slow Sunday feel that we just wish could stay.

In our latest edition, the HLCity issue we have a number of scrumptious brunch recipes that are bound to be a fan-favourite and have you heading back to the kitchen for seconds and maybe even thirds. 


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Here is our list of ultimate brunch recipes that are easy to prepare. 


Egg and indian-spiced creamed silverbeet wraps

Packing a punch in spice, these well-flavoured wraps are easy to prepare and an anytime quick bite to satisfy those hunger pangs

Find the recipe here.

egg indian spiced wraps




Chicken noodle soup and teeny tiny cheese toasties

Aside from being a natural remedy, this chicken noodle soup paired with delicious and cheesy mini toasties is a scrumptious brunch option.

Find the recipe here. 

chicken noodle



Stone fruit salad with mozzarella and pomegranate dressing

With depths of sweet and tart flavours, this stone fruit salad with mozzarella and pomegranate dressing is an ideal summer brunch option.

Find the recipe here. 

stone fruit




 An epic ciabatta toastie

For the ultimate cheesy ciabatta, this recipe is the epitome of a flavour-packed brunch option and is a shareable snack or a hearty meal for one.

Find the recipe here

ciabatta toastie



Braised beef and feta jaffles with pickled onion

This hearty brunch option is easy to prepare and we have used powdered chipotle, a smoked chilli, substitute with smoked paprika for a milder result.

Find the recipe here

braised beef


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Potato, chorizo and egg tacos with salsa verde

Fill your home with aromatic flavours of these delicious tacos for breakfast, its going to be a hit with family and friends.

Find the recipe here




Bloody mary with pickled jalapeños

For our version of this obligatory brunch kick-starter we've swapped lemon for lime, capped it off with a fat green olive and a salt-and-pepper rim, and served it with pickled jalapeños.

Find the recipe here

Bloody mary


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